Regional Meetings are Coming to You!

The 2013 Virginia State Rural Health Plan is currently being developed. The 2008 Plan noted that "Virginia and its citizenry continue to face challenges with its health care infrastructure,
particularly in rural areas." Many of the recommendations from that Plan have been implemented. But challenges remain. You have an opportunity to join many others from around the Commonwealth in having a say in what recommendations will be offered in the 2013 Plan.

The 2013 Plan began taking shape prior to the 2012 Virginia Rural Health Action Conference, with over 800 individuals involved in rural health answering a survey. The Conference itself, which attracted 130 participants, then focused on planning for actions to be included in the Plan. The next phase includes five public input sessions being held around the state. These sessions will allow people from each region to hear of the key themes and ideas generated by the survey and during the conference, and to offer their ideas for what should be included in the 2013 Plan.

Meeting Schedule:

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Unable to attend one of these meetings, but still want to be involved? Contact Beth O'Connor to arrange alternative participation.

Past Meetings


Rural Health Action Conference


Rural Health Access Council Summit

2011 Telehealth Summit

2011 Rural Health Summit - Equity

2011 Rural Health Summit - Policy


2010 Rural Health Summit


2009 Rural Health Summit

Rural EMS Summit: Sharing Solutions and Strategies


2008 Rural Health Summit


2007 Flex Program Quality and Strategic Planning Meeting