Data and Rural Definitions Council

The Data and Rural Definitions Council is examining available rural health data and identifies data gaps in order to make recommendations for future data collection efforts and/or activities.


In accordance with the core principles, it is imperative for decision-making to be based on and supported by accurate and timely data. Therefore, the VA-RHP recommendations must promote the collection of relevant data and must base recommendations and findings on such data. Additionally, the VA-RHP must clearly articulate a rural definition that will meet the needs and demands of the Commonwealth.

  1. Establish the Virginia Rural Health Data and Rural Definitions Council.
  2. Create a rural health data website/electronic database portal that will provide essential rural health relevant research, statistics, quality indicators and data, and links and references for VARHP partners, government and policymakers, researchers and the general public.
  3. Incorporate the 32 measures, as recommended by the Data/Rural Definitions workgroup, during the first year of the VA-RHP implementation.
  4. Utilize the United States Department of Agriculture, Isserman Model four-level delineation of rurality as the rural definition for framing the development of VA-RHP.
  5. Hold roundtable discussions to discuss the feasibility of collaboration/coordination of electronic health records.


Date Document/Update
3/12/09 Data Council Progress Report (Ken Cook)