2010 Rural Health Summit
March 16-18, 2010

Thanks to everyone who made this year's Rural Health Summit a success!

From March 16-18, the Virginia Department of Health Office of Minority Health and Public Health Policy and the Virginia Rural Health Association hosted the third Rural Health Summit in Danville, VA.




Rural Workforce | Annual Rural Health Summit | Telehealth Summit

Pre-Summit: Rural Workforce (Tuesday, March 16)

Annual Rural Health Summit (Wednesday, March 17)

What's New? Reports from the Front Lines

Rural Health Plan Oversight Committee - Beth O'Connor, M. Ed., Executive Director, Virginia Rural Health Resource Center, Virginia Rural Health Association

Council Progress Reports

Telehealth Summit (Thursday, March 18)

Telehealth in the Nation: Current and Future
Dena S. Puskin, Sc.D.

Telehealth in Virginia: Current and Future
Jean-Pierre Auffret, PhD

The Children's Partnership and School-Based Telehealth in the Nation - Ken Kelly

Telehealth in Virginia Academic and Major Regional Health Systems
Karen Rheuban, MD
Telehealth in Critical Access Hospitals

Dale Gibbs
Telehealth in FQHCs

Howard Chapman

Telehealth Specialties
Roger Burket, MD
Larry Merkel, MD, PhD
Christian A. Chisholm, MD

Reimbursement/Coding Specifics & Legal/Regulatory Issues
Greg T. Billings